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Alco & Supercharge batteries

Car batteries generally last four to six years if they are of good quality. Battery life is determined by various factors which include amount of use, proper charging, driving habits and climate. A battery that is stored for prolong periods of time without recharging can develop saltation on the plates. This greatly reduces the life and efficiency of how batteries perform.

It's crucial the right battery is purchased for your vehicle type and application as well as installed correctly to prevent future problems.

Heat is a major factor towards battery life. Although it increases the performance of car batteries short term, their life is drastically reduced over time. Heat increases the rate of evaporation which causes a loss of water from the electrolyte. Extreme heat also increases the rate of self-discharge and promotes the corrosion of the positive plate grids.

Short distance driving can cause your cat battery to flatten over time. This is because your battery doesn't have the chance to reach "full" charge which leads to accelerated corrosion and acid stratification. If you only use your car for short trips, longer distance drives between them will help boost your batteries health. More frequent use of your car battery through shut down and restarting the vehicle will have a high impact on health and longevity.

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